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    About Shirley

    Welcome to my Blog.  I’m Shirley Smith founder of His Ministries, a nonprofit for the prevention & intervention of substance abuse in beautiful Big Stone Gap, Virginia.

    I live in Beautiful Big Stone Gap where an actual movie was made called Big Stone Gap.

    Coming Soon the Movie Big Stone Gap

    The Movie Big Stone Gap


    The movie Big Stone Gap is based on Adriana Trigiani’s national bestselling novel Big Stone Gap.

    I did get to meet many stars in October of 2013, when the movie was in the making. The stars practically stayed in our backyard/The Edge, which is next door to the town parking lot!

    I was photographed with Jenna Elfman and Erika Coleman visited the Edge one evening and signed the Edge wall.
    I wasn’t able to get a photo of Whoopi Goldburg, but I heard she was fabulous. She did walk through our Arbor and I did get a photograph  of her with others.

    You can view the movie at this website. I’ll let you know when our movie premieres.




    Believe it or not, I was called to be a fundraiser. I’m still working on that calling. Until then, I wanted to share much of my work over the past 20 years with people.

    My favorite place to photograph is the Powell Valley Overlook during different seasons.

    Big Stone Gap Overlook

    Big Stone Gap Overlook

    His Ministries is housed in a brick building in downtown Big Stone Gap. We provide our community and the surrounding counties with the following services and programs:

    His Ministries Downtown Big Stone Gap

    His Ministries Downtown Big Stone Gap


    The Edge Music Venue for youth, a teen center and student training program for youth and volunteers through the operation of a thrift store offering training in small business


    Substance Abuse Referral Service, Support and Education


    Program for the Incarcerated


    Assist Needy Families with Available Supplies

    To know more about His Ministries go to this website.

    Now, here’s 60 random things about me.

    1. Most youth call me Ms Shirley.

    2. I live with a big dog and two cats. One cat is a house cat and the other is an office cat.

    3. I was born in 1955 in South Carolina. I do miss the hot weather.

    4. One habit I have, I have to wear lipstick or Chap Stick.

    5. When I take a selfie, I take 100 photos before I like one.

    6. I am a middle child. Some say that’s the problem.

    7. I have the responsibility of much and a little bit of a perfectionist, but then my house is not the cleanest and one day I will hire a maid.

    8. I love flowers, the sun, walks on the beach, but I’ll take a walk in the park too.

    9. I love my work and really could keep going and not vacation, but I know I need to.

    10. I don’t mind cooking, but for me I cook simple making clean up simple.

    11. I don’t have a hobby but I am trying to make gardening my hobby.

    12. I grew up on a farm and played the entire time. I wished I had learned something about gardening.

    13. I’m still learning to play the piano. It would help if I practiced every day.

    14. I loved school and college. I love learning.

    15. I’m the mother of two, grandmother of two and a widow.

    16. I was a foster mother.

    17. My favorite hymn I love to sing is How Great thou Art.

    18. I drive a minivan, which is needed for the ministry, but I’d prefer a car of my choosing.

    19. I do not like shopping or doing errands.

    20. I’ve visited more than 16 states and one day would like to visit all 50.

    21. I’ve attempted to learn Spanish and Chinese. I still have time to learn.

    22. I plan to be a missionary to Africa when I’m old.

    23. I only became a farmer’s market manager because I believe in the farmers market for our town, because I believe in small business. Now, I believe in farmers and healthy eating.

    24. I don’t eat junk food, but will every now and then.

    25. I love volunteers and mission groups. They are the backbone of His Ministries.

    26. In the seventh grade, I polished my nails with a poison to force myself to stop biting my nails. I thought I was going to die every day. I did stop and had the prettiest nails in high school. Now, I work and don’t care.

    27. I am always working to eat healthy.

    28. When I begin a decorating project it may take me weeks or months to finish.

    29. I have a B.A. in Administration, Minor in Marketing and Advertising.

    30. I have Associates in the Liberal Arts.

    31. I have a Degree in Radio/Television Broadcasting.

    32. I always wanted to be a star. I now have my on TV show, Recovery Road.

    33. I love photography.

    34. I got a B.A. in Business Administration because I knew I was going to be a Fundraiser, before I knew I was moving to Big Stone Gap.

    35. I never planned to be a substance abuse counselor, the door opened and I walked through it.

    36. I love teaching and educating about substance abuse more than counseling.

    37. I homeschooled my son, not because I believed in it, but because God confirmed to me it was what I was to do. Best thing I ever did for my son.

    38. My favorite food is a salad and I make my own dressing.

    39. I always wanted to be Archeologist.

    40. I’m 5’5.

    41. I loved sports in middle school and one of the top runners. Never could outrun the little blond.

    42. I cried the day I realized I was going to grow up to be an adult. I thought I’d have to give up playing.

    43. I don’t have a favorite color although there are some colors I prefer to wear.

    44. I named His Ministries, His Ministries because it was God’s ministry not ours and He was the provider.

    45. My favorite holiday candy that I must buy is, Cadbury Eggs, Candy Corn, and Chocolate Covered Cherries.

    46. What is Christ to me? He’s my everything, He saved my life.

    47. God is my Father. Really!

    48. My husband and I got married in 1993. Honeymooned and then moved to Big Stone Gap 10-days later.

    49. I watch TV to stop the thinking, but TV makes me tried.

    50. One of my favorite TV shows growing up was the Virginian, now I am a Virginian.

    51. I don’t believe in a bad #habit. I just haven’t learned the right habits. I’m never too old to learn.

    52. I have many favorite quotes one is, “Don’t take it Personally.”

    53. I love writing. I actually write stories in my head every day.

    54. I have four books I want to write and one e-book.

    55. I was called by God in 1992 to be a Fundraiser. I’m not there yet. I still have a ways to go.

    56. I had a Facebook site way before MySpace was not cool.

    57. The Edge Teen Center became well known by youth in our town, once I created a MySpace site for the Edge.

    58. I learned how to use and build a MySpace site from my youth of the Edge in 2005. Then I went on to learn about other social media.

    59. I bowled on a bowling league 30 years ago.

    60. I believe that nothing is impossible with God.

    Please leave me your comments.

    What do you like most about this blog and/or what would you like to know more about?

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